Tint 2 Status Bar

tint2 is a simple panel/taskbar made for modern X window managers. It was specifically made for Openbox but it should also work with other window managers (GNOME, KDE, XFCE etc.). It is based on ttm and ttm archive.


  • Panel with taskbar, system tray, clock and launcher icons;
  • Easy to customize: color/transparency on fonts, icons, borders and backgrounds;
  • Pager like capability: move tasks between workspaces (virtual desktops), switch between workspaces;
  • Multi-monitor capability: create one panel per monitor, showing only the tasks from the current monitor;
  • Customizable mouse events.


  • Be unintrusive and light (in terms of memory, CPU and aesthetic);
  • Follow the freedesktop.org specifications;
  • Make certain workflows, such as multi-desktop and multi-monitor, easy to use.

Known Issues:

  • Graphic glitches on Intel graphics cards can be avoided by changing the acceleration method to UXA (issue 595)
  • Window managers that do not follow exactly the EWMH specification might not interact well with tint2 (known issues for awesome, bspwm. openbox-multihead)
  • Full transparency requires a compositor such as Compton (if not provided already by the window manager, as in Compiz/Unity, KDE or XFCE)