Polybar Status Bar

Polybar is a fast and easy to use tool for creating status bars.

Polybar aims to help users build beautiful and highly customizable status bars for their desktop environment, without the need of having a huge amount of shell scripting knowledge.

Polybar uses modules and scripts to display the given information, it makes a more than substantial replacement for conky as a system monitor. Some of the modules or services included with Polybar so far:

  • Window title
  • Systray icons
  • Playback controls and status display for MPD using libmpdclient
  • ALSA volume controls
  • Workspace and desktop panel for bspwm and i3
  • Workspace module for EWMH compliant window managers
  • Keyboard layout and indicator status
  • CPU and memory load indicator
  • Battery display
  • Network connection details
  • Backlight level
  • Date and time label
  • Time-based shell script execution
  • Command output tailing
  • User-defined menu tree
  • Inter-process messaging
  • And more…

Dependencies for Polybar:

A compiler with C++14 support clang-3.4+, gcc-5.1+.

  • cairo
  • libxcb
  • python2
  • xcb-proto
  • xcb-util-image
  • xcb-util-wm

Optional dependencies for extended module support:

  • alsa-lib _required by internal/volume
  • jsoncpp _required by internal/i3
  • libmpdclient _required by internal/mpd
  • libcurl _required by internal/github
  • wireless_tools _required by internal/network

Find a more complete list on the dedicated wiki page.